Real Talk Charleston: Transforming Our Social Divisions with Intergroup Dialogue

Charleston, South Carolina

Saturday, January 30, 2016 10am to 4pm

Sponsor: Transformative Teaching Collective

Each participant must register by paying online through PayPal below. The registration fee includes all training materials and lunch. To maximize participation, we've created a sliding scale. For those participants whose registration will be paid by an organization, please pay through the organization link. For those participants who will be paying for their registration with their personal funds, please pay through the individual link.
Registration Rates: 
Individuals - Income Below $50,000: $50
Individuals - Income Above $50,000: $75
Organizations - Operating Budget Below $500,000: $75
Organizations - Operating Budget Above $500,000: $100

The workshop is being held at Unity Church2535 Leeds Avenue, Charleston, SC 29405.

Transformational Intergroup Dialogue
Transformational Intergroup Dialogue is geared towards professionals and student leaders interested in improving their skills in improving intergroup relations through the use of dialogue. Transformational Intergroup Dialogue is a social justice education approach which promotes intergroup cooperation and understanding through dialogue. Transformational Intergroup Dialogue fosters participant engagement and learning across differences, providing an innovative educational approach for those working in the areas of cross-cultural communication; intercultural relations; teaching courses on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, and multicultural education; developing connections across student organizations; and providing support for community development and experiential learning.

Transformational Intergroup Dialogue provides an overview and experience with Transformational Intergroup Dialogue to improve teaching, leadership and intergroup relations. While the workshop will primarily focus on improving the capacity for intergroup interaction, it will include several intergroup dialogues to help participants understand the utility of dialogue as a process for individual and group development around social identity and social justice.

Transformational Intergroup Dialogue is supported by experienced, trained facilitators who guide the dialogue process. The facilitators' goals are as follows:
  • To engage participants in sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences
  • To encourage meaningful, deep exchanges and thoughtful, constructive conflict
  • To guide the dialogue process by asking questions of participants related to the expression of thoughts, ideas and emotions with other group members
  • To facilitate experiential learning among group participants by creating exercises which help participants to express their true feelings and thoughts
  • To ensure that the dialogue is meeting the needs of each participant throughout the process
TRAINING METHODOLOGY: IGD+TST=Transformational Intergroup Dialogue
Transformational Intergroup Dialogue draws from two well-known and successful models for promoting democratic dialogue, action and civic engagement in the context of diversity: (a) the Michigan Intergroup Relations Model,  a process used by the University of Michigan and universities throughout the United States to promote intergroup dialogue and engagement in higher education and community settings; and (b) Transformational Social Therapy, a process used internationally to promote knowledge sharing and collaborative action involving diverse parties in municipalities, civil society, educational settings, and other public arenas. Both models are informed by the theory and practice of multicultural citizenship and theory and research on learning and equitable social change in the context of diversity. TST’s grounding in depth psychology and critical social theory complements the Michigan Model by contributing a more robust understanding of the ways human needs and social structures interact and influence intergroup behavior.

The goal is for participants to be able to:
  • Understand the requirements of engaging, teaching and leading diverse groups, especially around difficult diversity issues in ways that further group functioning and group outcomes;
  •  Learn an approach for gaining the trust and respect of individuals who are culturally different from themselves; and
  • Develop an awareness of one’s own obstacles to intergroup engagement, teaching, and leadership.
Participants will engage in activities relevant to emotional intelligence, group membership, and diversity and to the practice of facilitating intergroup dialogues and leading diverse groups. 

Tchet Dereic Dorman  is the Owner of Pyramid Consulting Services, a non-profit company providing diversity education, training, evaluation, and assessment services to educational institutions, private companies and community-based organizations. He has also made over 200 presentations promoting multicultural competency, inclusion, bias awareness, and leadership development and has facilitated over 300 dialogues and offered intergroup dialogue facilitator training throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, presenting his unique approach to intergroup dialogue, called Transformational Intergroup Dialogue. He recently served as the Director of the Center for Social Justice and Multicultural Education in the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership at Temple University. Additionally, he has also taught the following relevant courses: Emotions, Diversity, and Democratic Leadership; African American History; African Literature; Introduction to African American Studies; Gender Studies; Class, Gender and Race in the Global Village; Social Conflict; Introduction to Sociology; Cultural Anthropology and Multiculturalism and the American Identity. The National Association for Multicultural Education named him the Educator of the Year in 2007. Tchet received a Master’s degree in African American Studies from Temple University where he is a doctoral candidate.