Transformational Social Therapy Symposium

Transforming Race Relations in the U.S.: Building Trust, Forming Relationships and Solving Problems through Transformational Social Therapy 

Presented by the Charles Rojzman Institute, Bern, Switzerland
Sponsored by Pyramid Consulting Services, Transformative Education Associates, and Keith and Keith Associates (Novella Keith)
Hosted by Drexel University School of Law

 Charles Rojzman Keynote Address - Temple University 2012
Rojzman 2012 Keynote Address @ Temple University
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March 9 and 11, 2016 

The pervasive mistrust and tensions that mark contemporary racial dynamics in the US leave little space for understanding or cooperation. The racial divide creates enormous social problems that can be solved through racial dialogue and transformative action.

Charles Rojzman is an international leader in mediating racial, ethnic and intercultural conflicts throughout the world. He is the creator of a method, Transformational Social Therapy (TST), that has been remarkably successful in resolving intergroup violence and conflicts in France, Rwanda, Chechnya, Israel and elsewhere. He has written dozens of books, articles and book chapters and has been featured in documentaries and writings by others. The organization he created, the Charles Rojzman Institute (CRI), offers professional education internationally. CRI has provided extensive training in TST to professionals in the Philadelphia region for almost a decade.

CRI will be providing a lecture/demonstration and workshop for professionals to explore TST as a strategy for improving race relations in the United States. TST is especially suited to community problem-solving, particularly where groups are divided and problems appear intractable, as in race relations. TST is able to bring together people who have no desire to dialogue and do not think dialogue is possible—because they dehumanize and demonize one another. The TST group-building process allows participants to express their emotions, feel sufficiently safe to express disagreements and conflicts, and share information that can help them engage in transformative action on problems that affect them.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 6p.m. to 7:30p.m. FREE (Registration begins at 5:30pm)
Drexel University School of Law, Lecture Hall/Room 140
3320 Market Street, Philadelphia
Interactive Lecture by Charles Rojzman

Transforming Race Relations in the U.S.: Building Trust, Forming Relationships and Solving Problems through Transformational Social Therapy
This interactive lecture will provide a background on the theory and practice of TST and its application to race relations in the United States. TST assists participants in examining obstacles to healthy race relations by starting from themselves. Generally, a subtle, covert violence dominates race relations, where authentic, honest engagement is limited or absent, resulting in numerous challenges in collective efforts and personal relationships. TST helps participants explore strategies for transforming the violence into constructive conflict in order to encourage social responsibility and develop healthy relationships.

Friday, March 11, 2016 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. (Payment Required)
Drexel University School of Law
3320 Market Street, Philadelphia

Workshop: Introduction to Transformational Social Therapy 
Building Trust, Forming Relationships and Solving Problems through Transformational Social Therapy
Facilitated by Charles Rojzman, Nicole Rothenbühler and Igor Rothenbühler.
This workshop will demonstrate and enable participants to experience the TST approach for overcoming the intractable social issues that prevent cooperation and promote mistrust among and within groups; it will help participants develop their capacity to improve race relations in their professional and personal lives.

In order to participate in the workshop, advanced registration is required. The registration deadline has passed but a few spots are still available. The fee for the workshop is $100 for those paying for the workshop through an organization and $75 for those paying for the workshop as an individual (without organizational financial support). There is a limit on the number of participants for this workshop so register as soon as possible.

Rojzman in Rwanda

The Charles Rojzman Institute is an international organization whose mission is to promote and further develop the theory and practice of Transformational Social Therapy. Since 2003, CRI has been providing professional education and training in TST and supports for TST practitioners to further advance their practice. CRI also creates and supports innovative projects to advance democracy and reconciliation after civil wars. Today, it is active around the world and includes the International School for Transformational Social Therapy, which prepares people for TST-based practice. CRI has developed and promotes an ethical framework for Transformative Social Therapy, which is enacted through its activities around the world.

Charles Rojzman
Charles Rojzman is a psychologist, practical philosopher, author and the founder of Transformational Social Therapy. He has developed TST practice and theory in many different social and organizational contexts, including the fields of health, education, social work, and criminal justice.  His research centers on the development of approaches to education and action that foster democratic life and prevent violence.  After having directed several organizations for Transformational Social Therapy in France, he created the Charles Rojzman Institute in 2003. He has written dozens of books and articles and runs a regular blog at Huffington Post.

Nicole Rothenbühler
Nicole Rothenbühler is co-director of the Charles Rojzman Institute. A social psychologist, she collaborates with Charles Rojzman on the ongoing development of TST theory and practice, works as trainer and supervisor in TST, and carries out interventions for professionals and organizations in Europe, Africa, the US, and the Middle East. One of her specialties is family violence. Nicole taught at Temple University for the Graduate Certificate in Diversity Leadership. She has a regular blog with Psychologies magazine and contributes regularly to the publication Non-Violence Actualités. She has co-authored three books published in 2014 and 2015: Savoir aimer en des temps difficiles (Learning to Love in Difficult Times), with Charles Rojzman; La Thérapie Sociale, with Charles Rojzman and Igor Rothenbühler; and Les Violences Psychologiques, Comprendre Pour Agir (Psychological Violence:  Understanding for Action), with R. Coutenanceau and J. Smith.

Igor Rothenbühler
Igor Rothenbühler is co-director of the Charles Rojzman Institute. A social therapist and anthropologist, he has been practicing TST for over ten years.  He divides his activities between the International School of Transformational Social Therapy, where he is an instructor and supervisor, and the development of innovative TST projects in France, Switzerland and Italy and (less frequently) in the US, Africa and the Middle East.  One of his specialties is workplace violence.  In the field of education, Igor teaches as an external instructor at the University for Teacher Education in Lausanne, Switzerland and at HEC-Paris, one of the highest ranked business schools in Europe. He also conducts trainings for hospitals, municipalities, and other organizations.  He is a regular contributor to the magazine Non-Violence Actualité and is a co-author (with Charles Rojzman and Nicole Rothenbühler) of La Thérapie Sociale.