Transformational Social Therapy

Charles Rojzman, a renowned French social psychologist, author, and international consultant, invented Transformational Social Therapy over twenty years ago as a method for transforming institutions by helping people address the hatred and violence that separate them and prevent them from working together. Rojzman has been introducing professionals in the Philadelphia region to Transformational Social Therapy through the Graduate Certificate in Diversity Leadership at Temple University since 2009.

In March of 2016,  Charles Rojzman, Nicole Rothenbühler and Igor Rothenbühler, Directors of the Charles Rojzman Institute,  led several workshops and gave a lecture as part of the Transformational Social Therapy Symposium titled Transforming Race Relations in the U.S.: Building Trust, Forming Relationships and Solving Problems through Transformational Social Therapy.  Click here to view two clips from the lecture: Clip 1 and Clip 2
 Nicole Rothenbühler,  Igor Rothenbühler and Charles Rojzman
facilitating a workshop hosted by the Drexel University School of Law. 
On June 20, 2012 Rojzman gave the keynote address at Temple University to members of the Pennsylvania Association of Liaisons and Officers of Multicultural Affairs. To view Rojzman's video description of TST, click here 

In 2013, Charles Rojzman provided a 25 minute description of Transformational Social Therapy for participants in Temple's Graduate Certificate in Diversity Leadership. Please click the following link to view the video: Rojzman and TST

For additional information about Transformational Social Therapy, click here to go to the website of the Charles Rojzman Institute in Switzerland. 

Charles Rojzman and Nicole Rothenbühler 
at Temple University in 2010

Rojzman and Rothenbühler
Facilitating TST via Webex
Rojzman working in Rwanda