Real Talk Program References

Real Talk provides for unparalleled insight, experience, and
strategy into, not only the nuanced process by which one can facilitate but, wrestling with the profoundly complex issues of diversity. They ways in which the Real Talk Dialogue explored these issues individually and as a collective, have informed my organizations' approaches to engaging with diversity in efficacious, innovative, and transformation fashion. Check it... --Francesco R. Campanell, Program Associate, The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, Temple University

For a long time, I have been seeking opportunities to engage in dialogues about race and other differences. We lack skill in conducting conversations about topics such as the history of slavery and its continued legacy of systemic racism, unequal treatment and white privilege. I have taken three of Tchet's Dialogues on Race. They have provided safe spaces to sit and talk with others who want to explore this difficult topic. I especially like the fact that he encourages you to get in touch with emotions as well as thoughts. --Cheryl Lang, Director of Community Engagement & Partner Development, I-LEAD, Inc 

Tchet is a skilled trainer, whose talent and experience shows in all of his work. Having observed Tchet in several trainings, it is clear that he is able to navigate complex and heated topics with care and grace.  His expertise in Transformational Social Therapy is an asset to all of his work, and I highly recommend him as a trainer. --Dr. Eli R. Green, CSE, Assistant Professor, Widener University, Center for Human Sexuality Studies. Founder, The Transgender Training Institute. Author: The Teaching Transgender Toolkit

Tchet Dorman is passionate in his belief in the healing power of dialogue and it comes across in his training and workshop presentations. His naturally engaging and empathic personality encourages participants to open up
and seek deeper understanding of the subject matter. Tchet's enthusiasm and commitment to helping others, along with his knowledge and command of the materials being covered, make him an effective trainer and facilitator. Anyone who enrolls in one of Tchet's workshops or trainings will be happy with the results. --Tomas Sanchez, J.D., University Administrator

As a multicultural educator and international consultant, expanding my knowledge and skills to facilitate and collaborate with diverse people all over the world is essential. In January 2016, I attended the Intergroup Dialogue Facilitator Training in Philadelphia with Tchet Dorman.  This course focused on training the trainer, and opened up new methods for guiding dialogue within various cultural and social gaps within group settings. Tchet’s approach, based on Charles Rojzman’s Transformational Social Therapy methodology, provided comprehensive and insightful practices to build safe learning environments, where participants can express their ideas, opinions and concerns, while co-constructing solutions. Tchet offers an enjoyable, and sometimes conflict-focused workshop, that achieves the very essence of what Tchet teaches: Real Talk. --Lisa Petro, Curriculum Development Consultant and Co-Founder of Know My World

Partnering with Tchet has not only supported employee development within my institution, but also challenged me to continue my personal development on a deeper level. Tchet's unique facilitation skills bring the unspoken, often ugly, complexities of life to the forefront, making these topics accessible for everyone's growth. 
--Zenobia Hargust, SPHR, Director, Equal Opportunity & Employee Engagement and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Swarthmore College

Tchet's workshop was enormously helpful to me in my work as a university administrator. I was a little unsure how the "Train the Trainer" program might work, but the exercises we learned such as the Fishbowl were great. It helped me to think more carefully about how to introduce and implement diversity training and inclusion exercises into any classroom or organization. I highly recommend taking any workshop offered by Tchet and Hillary. --Damon Freeman, PhD, Program Chair of History & African American Studies, University of Maryland University College

I’ve known and worked with Tchet for almost 4 years, focusing on Transformational Intergroup Dialogue. After attending my first dialogue session with him titled, Improving Race Relations, I became instantly interested in this approach to diversity and began having conversations with him about applying it to my work in Residential Life at Temple University. Since that first session, I continued attending workshops and sessions geared towards learning as much as I could about Transformational Intergroup Dialogue. This finally led me to a 3-day training that he coordinated as a Train-the-Trainer session. This 3-day training provided me an amazing opportunity to learn some of the techniques and activities used in dialoguing with others about race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. It was also this training that really prepared me to launch some of these trainings in my own department at Temple University. I am grateful for this thoughtful and well-prepared training that has better prepared me for my role and my passion and desire to continue doing diversity work. --Steve Dexter, Assistant Director, Residential Life, Temple University