Real Talk Webilogue

Real Talk Race Webilogue
May 12, 19, 26 and June 2   6pm-8pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) 

Purpose: The Real Talk Webilogue is a virtual, synchronistic, real-time dialogue that provides an opportunity for intimate, engaging, authentic sharing of thoughts and feelings about diversity through transformational intergroup dialogue using a web meeting application.

Approach: Real Talk Webilogues have been be comprised of approximately 7 to 13 professionals from throughout the United States and Canada who have participated in various Real Talk programs. While the dialogues will initially focus on race, subsequent programs will focus on gender, sexual orientation, and class.

Registration and Payment: Each person interested in participating in the Real Talk Race Webilogue must complete a registration form by clicking here. After completing the registration form, each participant will be required to pay for the Webilogue. The cost of the Webilogue is $70 for organizations and $55 for individuals. 

If a person does not both register and pay for the Webilogue, they are not guaranteed participation. There are no refunds offered after the Webilogue has been paid for by the participant. Additionally, each participant will be required to participate in a pre-Webilogue interview to ensure that all procedures and equipment can be supported by each participant.

Registration Payment - If an organization is paying the registration fee, the cost is $70. For individuals paying the registration fee out of personal funds, the cost is $55. 

This program is recommended only for individuals who have previously participated in an intergroup dialogue. 

Method: Real Talk Webilogues integrate strategies employed by Transformational Intergroup Dialogue to support participant learning. Even though the dialogues will take place virtually, the goal of individual and group transformation through collective intelligence and constructive conflict remains central to the process. 

Participants will be required to utilize a computer, smart phone or tablet that can manage the software online meeting program called Webex. All participants must also use a camera and microphone to participate in the Webilogues. If you do not want to be seen and heard on the Webilogue, you should not register for this program. Any violations of these parameters will result in a participant being withdrawn from the program without a refund. 

Calendar: Real Talk Webilogues will take place over four consecutive weeks in the evening, though some may be offered during the day if there is sufficient participation. Each participant is asked to attend each session in order to build the kind of trust necessary for individual transformation and group learning. 

Facilitator: Tchet Dereic Dorman ( is the Owner of Pyramid Consulting Services, a non-profit company providing diversity education, training, evaluation, and assessment services to educational institutions, private companies and community-based organizations. Tchet has facilitated hundreds of dialogues, taught scores of classes, and led hundreds of workshops over the past 20 years. He recently served as the Director of the Center for Social Justice and Multicultural Education in the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership at Temple University. He is the founder of Temple's Transformational Intergroup Dialogue program and managed the Graduate Certificate in Diversity Leadership. Additionally, he has also taught the following relevant courses: Emotions, Diversity, and Democratic Leadership; African American History; African Literature; Introduction to African American Studies; Gender Studies; Class, Gender and Race in the Global Village; Social Conflict; Introduction to Sociology; Cultural Anthropology and Multiculturalism and the American Identity. The National Association for Multicultural Education named him the Educator of the Year in 2007. Tchet received a Master’s degree in African American Studies from Temple University where he is an advanced doctoral candidate.

Contact Information: and 267-549-9639